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The Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath - Testimonial









Detoxification and The Ion Cleanse Detox

Foot Bath


Pauline Esposito

Reiki Master/Kinetic Energy Healer/Master Herbalist


    In light of my last article on Candida, which spurred many inquiries, a follow up article on detoxification seemed appropriate.

     Assisting your body in helping it clean out toxins will be greatly appreciated by your body. It works hard on a daily basis to keep you healthy by removing as many toxins as possible so you don't become overloaded with them.

      Toxins are everywhere, in the air we breathe, food we eat (yes, even if it is organic) as well as the water we drink and so much more.  We can't stop toxins from entering our body but we can stop them from accumulating unabated, creating physical problems in the organs and systems of our bodies.

      There are many ways to detox such as fasting, taking herbs, eating fruits and vegetables on  a regular basis. Colon cleanse and Colonic's are good too but there is one form of detoxification that I have just discovered.  The Ionic Foot Bath - Its Fantastic.

       In this simple method of detoxification, the toxins seep out of the feet into a basin of water that has been ionized.  Ionization is the process of putting negative ions into your body so they can magnetize the positive ions (toxins) and then release through the bottom of the feet.

       Using the Ionic Foot Bath for the first time brought amazing results!  Some gentle tingling throughout my body was present and a feeling of relaxation came over me.

       After 20 minutes, the water began to turn brown. After 30 minutes the water was a muddy brown, yellow/greenish color which indicated the release of many toxins held in my joints, kidneys, bladder and gallbladder and liver.

      After 3 treatments, my energy level increased tremendously! Upon waking, my joints were less stiff, my facial skin clearer and I believe it helped remove the Candida. 

Try the Ionic Foot Bath and see

what it can do for you!

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