An Introduction to Ascension
                                               Gary M. Spolansky, MBA/RMT

We are in a time of momentous transformation. The world we knew growing up is changing radically. Technological advancement has added an aura of sophistication to many of our experiences while our emotional nature however, has not always kept pace with the speed of our technological transformation.

As the frequencies of light that come to Earth as it travels through the Galaxy continue to rise, there is a corresponding increase in the effect that this process has on human’s everywhere. These higher frequencies energies are not only assisting our light bodies to rise in vibration, but also are causing the old hurts, fears and experiences of the past that have been pushed down and forgotten to be released - causing people everywhere to look at their lives and start asking some important questions such as “Am I happy with the life I lead? Do I feel fulfilled? Is there something missing?”

The answers to these questions are as varied as there are individuals. The general responses however, tend to fall into several large categories, in particular, a greater need for spirituality, religious experience and a closer connection through a greater sense of community with friends, families and others. This yearning for closeness, connection and substance does not always come however, in a peaceful way. Many who have felt these urges have acted on them in a negative way seeking to cause harm and destruction even though they may feel their goal is a laudable one. It’s their inner need for release that is colored by their thoughts and fears that cause them to act out in this way.

                                                                                 What’s Causing “The Ascension”

So why are these needs rising? Is it simply a result of these higher light frequencies continuing to rise or is there something more going on? In fact, there is. We are in a period of time that is sometimes referred to as the “New Age”. But in actuality we are and have been riding a wave - “an ascension wave” if you will, that originated in the beginning of the common era 2,000 years ago. Over these past 2,000 years the speed of this wave has been building so that the wave we’ve been riding all this time is very shortly going to crest. As it does, we feel its speed and effects as it forces us to let go and release the deeply held fears of the past. The intention of this release is to helps us more easily and readily assimilate the higher frequencies of light that are coming to our planet as it travels in its orbit around the sun while moving forward through the Galaxy. On this path of perpetual motion, we are leaving an area of energy that we have been living in for the past 2,000 years. As we move out of this area which has perpetuated feelings and experiences of separatism, we are entering a new area of higher, more refined energy that promotes the concept of Unity Consciousness and that we are all a part of the same whole. This process is more commonly referred to as “The Ascension.”

The effects of “The Ascension” can be seen as a significant component of the turmoil that we see all over the planet in our newspapers and news telecasts. Each of us will release our fears in the ways and means we have become most familiar with and the releasing of those fears is not always done quietly. These are the birth pangs of a new era that has been foretold in prophesy among the many cultures of the Earth and most notably the Mayans of South America.

                                                                      The Winter Solstice of 2012

In their culture they have long predicted that we would be moving from the 4th world into the 5th world at the Winter Solstice of 2012. Perhaps you have heard this before but why, you may ask, is this date being given such significance? The answer is that the Mayan Calendar is the most accurate ever created. They were also excellent astronomers and understood the significance of Astrological events and occurrences. So much so, that their calendar has been accurate for over 2,500 years and ends abruptly at the Winter Solstice of 2012.

The Mayans are not alone is this thought. Many other cultures have prophesied that the world will end as well. Initially, with the coming of the new millennium and when those prophecies did not come true, then within the subsequent years that follow. Regardless of whether the date is accurate or off by some negligible amount of time, signs that something significant is occurring in the U.S. and throughout the world are unmistakable. As noted earlier, there is a world wide movement towards spirituality and religion but not in the old staid fashion. This push is towards a new spirituality, a new type of religion that is not exclusive, that does not promote separatism but rather greater unity and acceptance.

As the energies continue to rise, there will be more and more change. Sometimes, it will come easily, while other times with much hesitancy and resistance but in the end, we will have moved into a new experience .

The date of December 20, 2012 (the Winter Solstice) is just a marker, a demarcation line. It is the projected time where we will cross the border between what was and what will be. There is however likely to be a period of perhaps 5 to 50 years in which the ful effect of this transition will spread out through the populations of the Earth. During this time, everyone on the planet will ascend at their own rate into a higher vibrational light body that will assist the creation of peacefulness, tolerance and acceptance for different thoughts, ideas, cultures, etc., across the planet.

We are now just 6 years and 5 months from this event and each of you who are read these words are playing a significant role in the process - even if you don’t realize it. With every thought of the past filled with hurt, pain, fear, sadness, uncertainty, trauma, etc., that is released, the space formerly held by these old energies is being raised to a new, higher mor refined level.

                                                                                                     What can you do?

So, what can you do to help this process? Continue to do as you are doing but with a greater emphasis on allowing yourself to release the old energies of the past. By consciously letting go of the old experiences that tie you to the energies of separatism and intolerance, you help all of us move forward into this new light. Remember, we are all one being of light and love - regardless of how we see ourselves - this is the truth of our inner being. As a result, when we let go of any old hurts, wounds, traumas, etc., we are also helping to release the people whom we have been hurt by. When that occurs, we help them to let go of the hurts, wounds and traumas that they are holding. They in turn are now more able to let go of the hurts, wounds, trauma’s, etc. that they hold with others. As the chain continues it’s like watching dominoes fall. As the dominoes pick up speed, more and more people are effected. As the momentum of these releases continue to spread throughout the population it eventually comes full circle - so that every release helps everyone else to release and move forward together as one.

                                                                                                        How will it happen?

Many have speculated how this great change will occur. Do we need everyone on the planet to open their hearts and embrace this change? As noted above, no! There are those who will be able to move with these rising energies more readily than others while some will find it difficult to move much at all. In theory, we simply need to clear ourselves of the energies of the past to the point of critical mass where the process can sustain itself. Some have said this point is when 51 % of the world’s population reaches a significant degree of open heartedness.
Others have theorized that the level of participation necessary is significantly lower at perhaps 20%. Whether it be 20 % percent or 51 % or some number in between, those who have been moving aggressively to release their fears and open their hearts help enable the other 80% to be drawn along with it. As a result, the question that was asked in the beginning of this article of - how can we transform into unity consciousness while there is so much hatred and turmoil around us, is now answered. Together we can help each other by just being a little more tolerant, a little more forgiving , a little more accepting of ourselves and each other.

Is this a lot to ask? Maybe, but its not too much to desire. As Edgar Cayce once said “mind is the builder”. What we think becomes our reality! And so my friends , the choice is yours. Do you desire to be a part of the 20% who are leading this transformation into a new golden age of peace and mutual acceptance or will you be a part of the 80 % who follow along. Regardless of your choice, the time of transition is close at hand and all the earth will experience it together.

                                                                                                       Until next month, be well!

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