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Bobby the Bird

        Recently, I was asked to give a healing to a client's parakeet.  The situation was that my client had moved with the bird from a calm quiet space to one that was filled with stress and the bird didn't acclimate well.

        One evening she came home from work to find that the bird was not on its perch but on the floor of the cage, aware but not moving or chirping.  She was concerned and took the bird to the Vet who prescribed vitamins.  She was quite concerned because intuitively she felt it was something more seroius and was fearful that bird would die.

        She asked me to help Bobby (the bird's name) and I said sure, thinking to myself this should be quick and easy.  Well, it took longer than I expected - imagining it wouldn't take long to heal a 5 ounce bird.  Actually it took quite awhile for Bobby to cast off his shock.  He started stirring after about 10 minutes and by the end of the session, he was occasionally chirping .  I told the client to take the bird home and let me know what happened the next day.  Well, she called me excitedly to say that Bobby was full of energy and chirpping non-stop.

        Bobby is not unique, as Shamanic/Empathic Healing helps all living things regardless of what the issue is and this is just one example.  If you have a bird or any pet in need of healing and feel you would like to try an alternative approach, please consider a Shamanic/Empathic Healing Session for your pet.

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