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Emma the Cat

           As I’ve mentioned before, distance healing can be an effective way to work when an individual is not close enough to work with in person. This is equally true with an animal, particularly when the animal, is not comfortable with strangers.

            Emma is a 15 year old cat who will hiss at anyone and at anytime except, in most cases, her owner Donna.  Donna, told me that Emma was constipated with  low energy and asked how I could help her.  We discussed what physical actions she had taken to help Emma and she told me that her cat was on medication and a special diet.  Still she was not very active and Donna feared that she might die. Additionally, Emma had been abused earlier in her life, which contributed to her fears of strangers.  Given what I had heard, I felt the best course of treatment was to work from a distance.

            It was in the evening later that day, when I began to work on Emma.  I have to say that once again I was taken by surprise.  In my mind, I  expected that the energy would flow smoothly and it would help Emma immediately, but was wrong on both accounts.

            Shortly after I started, I did feel the energy flowing strongly but I also felt the energy of abuse.  Not on a continual basis, but intermittently and as I did I started releasing those energies verbally.  The way I know this is that the vocalizations I voiced felt at different times through the healing, felt like pent up energies of frustration, anger and pain.  There would be a period of vocalization, followed by a period of quiet. Interspersed with all that would be feelings of energy blockages releasing.      

            After I completed that first session, I checked in with Donna to see how Emma had benefitted.  Imagine my surprise when she told me that she didn’t see much change.  I know what I felt and I was sure she was getting a real benefit, but I didn’t expect that benefit wouldn’t be apparent.

            In the second session, I did more of the vocalizing and again felt energy releases.  This time when I spoke with Donna she said yes, the cat seemed better.

            A few weeks later, I was asked to do another 2 sessions.  Again I felt a lot of blocked energy and vocalized the way I had previously.  In the second session the energy was quieter and calmer and I wasn’t vocalizing anywhere as much as I had previously.  This time when I had asked Donna about Emma, she said that the cat was much more active and seemed to have greater energy.

            Just as it was with Bobby the bird, animals will hold onto the hurts, fears and pains they’ve experienced until a stronger force helps to liberate them from those energies.  The good news is however, that they can be helped and Reiki/Shamanic and Empathic healing is very effective for this type of treatment.