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Chloe the Shitzu/Lhasa Apso Mix


Chloe is a Shitzu/Lhasa Apso mix and is 14 years old. Recently, she became more and more listless, not interested in playing with her toys. When her owner came home at night from working all day, Chloe, would barely move. Even worse she had to be hand fed because she didn't want to eat.

Her owner, Zoe, called me to ask if there were any way I could help Chloe. She had learned of me through another client who was very pleased with how I had helped her dog. I told I was confident I could. That evening I began the session on Chloe, connecting with her energy even though she was in Great Neck and I was in Westbury. As I did, I could feel she was holding alot of tension and stagnated energy within her body. Almost immediately, after connecting with Chloe, I felt that stagnated energy flooding into me. With Shamanic/Empathic Healing, I allow the energy of whomever I'm working with to flow into and pass out through me. I accomplish this through vocalization. This allows the pet I'm working with to have a means, a vent if you will, to release the energy that is trapped inside them.

I continued working with Chloe for a while and when I felt I had done enough, I ended the session. I updated Zoe on what I felt had happened and asked her to tell me how Chloe did throughout the night and into the next day. I was thrilled the next day when Zoe sent me a video of Chloe acting happy, tail wagging and being playful, she's also eating on her own again.