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Reiki I Certification Workshop
Led by

Reiki Master
Gary M. Spolansky


Monday, January 18 at 2pm $150 p/p

This workshop is for those interested in learning this ancient art of healing to benefit themselves and others. All are welcomed to participate!!! The workshop will cover the following topics and leads to
Reiki I Certification:

History of Reiki
Discussion of the Nuts and Bolts of Reiki
How Reiki Works and What it can Do for You
Meditation and Attunement to Reiki
Awakening your Psychic and Intuitive Abilities
Learn Specific Hand Positions to Heal Yourself
Learn Specific Hand Positions to Heal Others
Certification as a Reiki I practitioner

The joy of this method of healing is that anyone can learn it regardless if you are 3 or 93. You don’t need any prior experience, special ability or to be gifted in any way. When you complete this class you will be able to work with this energy. Just as importantly, once you’re attuned to Reiki you will always be attuned to it. It will always be there for you whenever you need it.

!!!! Give yourself the Gift of

Attending this Workshop !!!!

By taking this workshop you'll enhance your spiritual growth, strengthen your physical and emotional health, while receiving benefits that will last a lifetime!