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Reiki and Horses

        I was once asked to assist a horse who had a bad back leg.  This horse was housed at a private stable and was a riding horse.   As I understand it, the muscles of the back leg were not getting the nutirtion he needed and a combination of special diet and rest were prescribed to help him heall properly. 

        I was asked to help calm the horse and help speed the healing of his leg muscles.  Within a minute of starting the treatment on this horse, his eyes glazed over and I could see he was very relaxed.  I said to myself, wow, this is amazing.  I wasn't expecting an animal of his size, about 1,200 pounds, to respond so quickly.  After the session he was very calm and was able to walk more comfortably.

        Unfortunately, I only had  one other session with the horse, because he was shipped out to a rehab farm shortly thereafter.  Still, I know the Reiki benefitted him and would have liked to assist him further. As it is often noted - some Reiki is better than no Reiki.

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